3G-SDI to HDMI / VGA / CVBS converter working principle

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What is the SDI converter:
3G-SDI to HDMI / VGA / CVBS video converter is a high-quality, high-performance SD / HD / 3G-SDI video signal conversion product. The product is compatible with SD / HD / 3G-SDI signals and has built-in high-quality SDI Line equalization (EQ) devices which can effectively guarantee the SDI transmission distance (HD SDI signals can support 200m transmission distance, 3G-SDI signals can support 100m transmission distance [Note: Meet Belden 1694A cable standard, SDI standard signal indicators] ).
The principle of SDI to HDMI or HDMI to SDI converter is the same, they are signal conversion equipment, but they are very different from traditional converters, as shown below:
Compatible with all SD / HD / 3G SDI signal formats;
Support HD-SDI 200m / 3G-SDI 100m ultra-long distance SDI signal transmission (tested and verified by TEKTRONIX / PHABRIX professional signal tester, under the conditions of Belden 1694A cable quality standards / qualified SDI signal indicators);
SDI lightning protection design;
Image enhancement processing, noise reduction, deinterlacing (optional), intelligent resolution conversion and frame rate conversion, support any standard SDI;
Support brightness / contrast / saturation / color equal color adjustment options;
10bit color depth processing, no dropped frames, no delay, broadcast video quality;
Support 4: 3/16: 9 ratio maintenance to prevent distortion of video stretch ratio;
Supports the HDMI1.4 standard. Automatically analyzes the EDID (DDC processing) of HDMI to ensure that only the video formats supported by the HDMI display are output. Optional 1080i format to deinterlace output; Optional HDMI output RGB / YUV color space;
Support SDI audio de-embedding, output two-channel analog stereo;
Supports locking the HDMI output format to ensure that the screen is not black when SDI signals are switched;
The SDI signal supports LOOPBACK loop-back. The loop-back signal is recovered by EQ and clock, which can improve the quality of the SDI source signal and play the role of signal relay;
Support SDI to SDI format conversion (through LOOPBACK interface), can realize the conversion of resolution and frame rate;
Output blue screen / black screen signal when SDI signal is lost;
Input / output signal format OSD display;
Remote control operation, Chinese and English bilingual menu interface.
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