Kiloview Debuting 4K NDI Converter and SRT Encoder/Decoder at IBC 2019

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In September 2019, the five-day 2019 IBC officially came to an end. Global professionals who manage and deliver electronic media and entertainment from all over the world gathered in the Netherlands for a grand celebration.

As one of the exhibitors, Kiloview has welcomed many new and old customers and has won unanimous approval and trust. From the feedback from the show, low-latency transmission technology, product operation stablely and reliability are the focus of many customers.

Kiloview has professional and comprehensive low-latency transmission technology.
In the field of low-latency transmission technology, Kiloview provides a professional and comprehensive LAN NDI transmission solution and Internet SRT transmission solution.
NDI transmission technology has been widely recognized in the international market and is considered the core of the new generation of IP transmission technology. As the official technology supplier of NewTek, Kiloview exhibited the powerful 4K NDI converters with NDI encoding + decoding dual function, dual-use, Tally display and PoE power supply, and 4K P60 ultra HD resolution. The end-to-end delay in the LAN is only 1-3 frames.
In the past, delay and instability in video transmission through internet has always been people’s attention. But now SRT can solve this difficult problem well. It is a point-to-point transmission technology that does not require a transit platform, and has the advantages of "low latency, anti-network jitter". Kiloview is working hard to putting SRT to all products, all encoders and most of decoders are now compatible with SRT. The end-to-end delay is as low as 1 second in the Internet transmission environment, and the screen still does not freeze after 20% network packet loss.
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