RTSP to RTMP video protocol conversion solution

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The RTMP and RTSP protocol are currently widely used in the streaming media transmission process of live broadcast. There are not many protocols supported by the video capture process on the intranet. Or want to convert LAN monitoring into public network live broadcast need to use RTSP / Onvif to RTMP, HLS / TS and so on. For example, the non-uniform standard video is uniformly converted into the national GB/T28181 standard, the international SIP standard video, the community, the park, the enterprise and other traditional connection public security department systems can use the KTV D300Plus/pro conversion device.
D300Plus/Pro Video Gateway is a high-performance embedded multi-media gateway device that integrates core functions such as streaming media protocol conversion, streaming media distribution service, multi-channel video decoding and video picture segmentation. It can be applied to different systems. The video content of different manufacturers, different types, and different encoded video formats, protocol interworking, decoding output, and split display, and also realizes the streaming server function of 100 concurrent access capabilities. The input video stream is supported for multi-protocol conversion, and the media source can be dynamically switched. If the input video stream is a protocol such as RTSP, RTMP, or UDP, it can be converted to the same or different protocol stream output by the stream service function.
When there are multiple sources in the list, according to the screen requirements that need to be output, you can click to select the video source to be output, and the output screen will automatically switch. Can be used for monitoring live broadcast, monitoring to GB28181, RTSP to RTMP, UDP to RTMP, monitoring access to the public security network. Protocol conversion can be performed by directly adding the source in the background of the background device.
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