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D300 Plus/ Pro Media Gateway

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D300 Plus/ Pro media gateway is a high-performance embedded multi-functional device, which integrates functions such as stream media protocol conversion, stream media distribution service, multi-channels video decoding and video image segmentation. It can be applied to video format conversion, protocol intercommunication, decoding and splitting display from different systems, different manufacturers, different types and different encoding ways. It also works as the stream media server  with the capability for 100 concurrent access.
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Product description

high-performance embedded multi-functional device

D300 plus/pro Media Gateway


 It has 4 channels (D300 Plus) or 9 channels (D300 Pro) of network



Unicast mode can meet up to 100 concurrent user viewing, it can be


Note: The actual of concurrent access capability depends on the specific network bandwidth, video 


streaming distribution/ live broadcasting function (each stream can


used directly as a distributed live broadcast server for live events such as


access capability (streaming distribution/ live


be pushed to up to 4 different live broadcast targets simultaneously),


and support various live broadcast protocols such as RTMP;


education/ conference/ broadcast program/ digital signage etc..


format and other factors. Device transmission limit is 600Mbps.)


Stream service function for up to 100 concurrent


 Support stream media protocol conversion, stream media distribution, live

Portable design, low power consumption (<6w), stable and reliable 


 It supports the most comprehensive protocol conversion and the widest


application, which covered various stream media protocols in the market


streaming, video split display, audio digital remix, video decoding to the










including professional protocols such as SIP and GB/ T28181.


 display wall, etc..

working mode makes 7×24 hours working available.



● All kinds of non-unified video can be converted to video

● Multi-parties video collaboration; SIP video conference


● It can be widely applied to RTSP/Onvif LAN monitoring


Campus monitoring to  

Push the video after split

Scenic spot monitoring   

Gourmet store monitoring

or other IP-Camera video live broadcast over public

network, such as scenic spot, store monitoring, campus

monitoring, farm monitoring, etc., it can realize the

functions of multi-camera, multi-angle switching.

that can meet the national GB/T28181 standard and 

international SIP standard, which can connect the 

traditional communities, parks, enterprises and  or other

IP-Camera video live broadcast over public institutions

monitoring to relevant government platforms.

to live webcast; IP stream distribution (forwarding) / 

switching / live broadcasting; stream media decoding to

the display wall (RTMP / RTSP / TS-UDP and other stream

media to SDI or HDMI); multi-channels split screen

display, etc.

live broadcast

live broadcast

public security network 



Main Functions

 It supports the conversion of RTP/RTSP, TS over UDP, RTMP (service


Compatible with various IP cameras, IP encoders, NVRs, video conference 

Supports up to 4 channels (D300 Plus) or 9 channels (D300 Pro) input

various input protocol streams can be converted to other target protocol. 


 and push), HLS (m3u8), SIP (multi-parties conference mode), GB/T28181,


Onvif and other media protocols that are software extendable, makes  


 video streams’ protocol conversion (Media source number is unlimited

be dynamically switched), and each input stream can be converted



Support 4 channels (D300 Plus) or 9 channels


(D300 Pro) stream media protocol conversion


The transmission/ reception of NDI-HX protocol can also be supported

with additional application authorization.


systems input.

into 4 different target protocol stream outputs, or 4 identical protocols

stream output;


Expandable SATA and NAS video record and storage capability.


Support up to 16 channels of video decoding and  


self-defined split display as well as multi-channels

video dynamic switching and re-encoding

transmission/ live broadcasting


Support UHD (4K) / HD H.264 / H.265 video decoding, the device comes


with HDMI and SDI output interface, support HDMI (up to 3840x2160


@60Hz) and SDI (up to 1920x1080@60Hz) with the same image or


different image output;


Support HDMI/ SDI embedded audio output and analog audio output,


audio channel can be switched at will, support high quality audio digital


remix and conference mode audio remix;


Decode up to 4 channels of 4K 30Hz H.264/H.265 video, or 8 channels of


1080P 50Hz/60Hz H.264/H.265 video, or 16 channels of 1080P 30Hz or


1080I 50/60Hz or 720P and below H.264/H.265 video;


Support 16 channels video self-defined 1/2/4/6/8/9/16 split display,


and dynamic switching output;


Support encoding the video after splitting and recombining for live


broadcast/ transmission (up to 1080P60 H.264 encoding).