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U series Rack-mounted Professional 1CH/4CH Video Encoder

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The rack-mounted encoder refers to an integrated single, quad or 4CH SDI/HDMI video encoding module in a 1U rack-mount frame through plug-in card. Through wired network to realize remote video transmission / live broadcast.
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The rack-mounted encoder refers to an integrated single, quad or 4CH SDI/HDMI video encoding module in a 1U rack-mount frame through plug-in card. Through wired network to realize remote video transmission / live broadcast.

U Series


Rack-mounted Professional 1CH/4CH Video Encoder


The rack-mounted video encoder is applied to transmit/ live broadcast multiple video signals simultaneously. It has multi-interfaces, high integration and can be mounted in the cabinet which is specially designed for various video engineering project.



Kiloview Encoder Family




Highly integrated, low power consumption, stable working.

● It can integrate 1U single-channel, 1U four-channels, SDI/ HDMI video encoding module, and supports up to 4-channels. SDI encoding module and HDMI encoding module can be integrated into the same rack for customization .
● Advanced low-power consumption design (20w only for 4 channels at full load), together with built-in intelligent cooling device, it can ensure stable operation, makes 24h continuous working available.


High bandwidth adaptability, it can transmit high-definition, low-latency image without padding even under a low-bandwidth network environment.

● With branded chips solution together with video dynamic noise reduction and image enhancement technology, it can realize good encoding image under low bit transmission. 
● Good video image can be achieved at 1Mbps@720p, 1.5Mbps@1080p network. In the normal scene, 1Mbps@720p, 1.5Mbps@1080p can get high quality video quality.
● Advanced video buffering technology and FEC technology ensures video encoding delay ≤ 67ms★ and transmission stable without non-padding.
● Adjustable bit rate from 64kbit/s~40Mbit/s.
★Note: (≤67ms) refers to the delay of the encoder end, and the end-to-end delay also relates to network, decoding, etc. 


Powerful streaming media service function, all types of streaming media protocol supported.

● RTP/ RTSP/ RTMP/ HLS/ TS/ Onvif/ SIP/ NDI (Customization available) and some other streaming media protocols supported for live broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, Ustream, Twitch, Wowza etc or security platform / NVR system.
● SRT supported to ensure secure and reliable transmission.
● Dual stream output, the main code rate up to 1080p60Hz, and the sub-stream supports 720p 60Hz video encoding, output resolution can be self-defined.


Powerful streaming media service function, all types of streaming media protocol supported.

● Open API programming, SDK provided for second development.
● Customization service available based on client’s needs.






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