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U40 4K NDI® Encoder (Shipping Now)

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Kiloview U40 4K NDI® encoder supports 4K P60 HDMI or USB input, convert to NDI high bandwidth, also it suports IP to NDI®| HX conversion.
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Comprehensive NDI® performance, this gear gets it even extensive


Get NDI® in the box: Kiloview U40 NDI® converts HDMI to NDI® with up to real 4Kp60 resolution. In addition, it converts USB video to NDI® (Limited resolutions and models only) ; 3.5mm analog audio embedded in NDI® supported for flexible application.

Compatible with NDI®|HX: U40 also convert IP streams such as SRT/RTMP/RTSP/UDP/HLS to NDI®|HX (Available when software is upgraded.)



Tiny, Exquisite, Quiet, and Cool



●Exquisite look in round, with size 90mm*30mm;

●Easy installation of cold shoe on cameras;

●Built-in mute cooling fan, quiet and cool.



NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek Inc.



Ethernet port

USB interface

Analog audio interface

NDI® performance

Tally light

PTZ control




DC output


Video resolution


2*1000M Ethernet port


1*3.5mm analog audio

Support HDMI to Full NDI®

Support 3.5mm analog audio embedded in NDI®

Support USB to Full NDI® (Limited resolutions and models only)

Support other IP streams to NDI®|HX

HDMI 2.0

4K60, compatible with HD


Support Sony Visca/Visca(Laia)/Visca(Kato)/PELCO-D/PELCO-P




DC 12V1A



Custom Multi-screen Display



Kiloview U40 4K NDI® encoder supports 4K P60 HDMI or USB input, convert to NDI high bandwidth, also it suports IP to NDI®| HX conversion.

With such functions like PoE+DC Out, PTZ, Tally, cold shoe on camera..., the Kiloveiw U40 is the smallest and while most powerful NDI encoder which can turn any camera into an NDI camera. With only one network cable, video sources from HDMI cameras, web cameras, USB cameras and others can easily go into the NDI world and enjoy the advantages of IP-based transmission featuring ultra-high image quality and ultra-low latency.

The coolest NDI encoder in the world! The U40 4K NDI features with all the functions you want













U40 4K NDI® Encoder

Turn Any Camera into NDI® Camera



Real 4K P60 input supported

HDMI or USB to NDI® high bandwidth


DC Out to power your camera/monitor

Dual Network ports for data transferring












Tally and PTZ Control. Just fits Production


Worried about the workflow in a studio? With U40 we have a 

batch of bright and distinct Tally lights for PVW/PGM indication

– all is to make perfect cooperation for your team.

Conference camera friendly. U40 supports PTZ control thus it

receives the PTZ signal sent by the NDI® production system or

NDI® decoder, and then control the PTZ camera through the

serial port (232/485, etc.) or network.

Support Sony Visca/PELCO-D/PELCO-P and other protocols.








Aluminum Alloy and Fan; Just for Heat 




With aluminum alloy as material, it has better thermal conductivity compared to plastic or others.

Besides, we optimized a working scheme that is good for heat dissipation.


The product is designed with heat dissipation holes on the top so as to have hot air dissipate upward better. We also stick an aluminum alloy heat sink on the chip with a multi-edge and multi-slot structure to increase the heat dissipation area for a rapid heat dissipation; 



A built-in fan is the last guard. Longer diameter of the fan (35*35*6mm) ensures more air volume (4.3 cfm) and lower noise (18.3 DB) compared to a shorter diameter one - The real cool encoder in the house!








Why Round in Shape? Encoders supposed to be exquisite.


U40 encoder integrates many functions including network switching, NDI® encoding, heat dissipation, POE and DC Out – this makes it the most complex encoder in Kiloview and the industry. While with attempt to make it multi-functional, small and beautiful, our engineer decided to make it unique -a round shape.

 We offer two methods for fixing hot shoe. Either install on the camera upright with the hot shoe screw that comes with the package, or you can get a hot shoe accessory, install on the bottom of the encoder, and then equip it on the camera.















Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. Two networks and power supply enabled.


Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports can be applied to two different networks simultaneously, like SRT/RTMP input via WAN which can be output to NDI®|HX via LAN. Or you use one in WAN and another for LAN;

One of the network ports features PoE power supply function. In addition to powering the device itself, it can also output no less than 15W power to power your monitor, recorder, or even your cameras. 

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