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UD-4 Rack-mounted Multiple Channels Video Decoder

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UD-4 is a professional video decoding device developed based on an embedded hardware platform. It integrates 4 HD video decoding modules through a card-type structure. It can decode multiple IP streams into SDI / HDMI signal output and supports audio de-embedding output.
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7*24H working mode

Rack-mounted Multiple Channels 


Video Decoder


4 HD video decoding modules


Image scaling / frame rate conversion

Resolution up to 1080P


Card-type structure, each decoding module includes a network port, an 



4CH module consumes only 20W at full load, low power consumption 


High Compatibility, Wide Application


SDI and an HDMI interface, a USB port, a pair of 3.5mm audio input and 


output ports. The modules are independent of each other and have a 


high error tolerance rate.


Embedded hardware decoding, no need to rely on computer decoding.

and low heat dissipation.

Powerful decoding ability, it can output HD smooth image 


Adopting Kiloview proprietary image enhancement and error tolerance 



Low decoding latency, less than 200ms decoding delay in typical 


network environment, and the delay can be adjusted according to 

for low bit rate video and network packet loss video.

technology, it has strong anti-error capability, and can output clearly 


and without distortion for low-bit-rate encoded video and about 10% 


network packet loss video; 


the network environment.

Ingenious quality, 7*24 h working, SDK for secondary development


Imported chip

Brand capacitance

Precision electric board

High-end interface
Delicate appearance

HDMI Alliance official authorization

Kiloview has obtained the official authorization of the HDMI Alliance and passed the EMC electromagnetic compatibility test, which means that the product has passed the most stringent compatibility and reliability testing.

When you need to decode multiple streaming videos and output 











High compatibility, suitable for various network 


SRT supported to ensure secure and reliable transmission.


The output supports dual SDI / HDMI interfaces, and both interfaces



The input end supports 1080P60 HD resolution, which is backward 




multiple SDI / HDMI signals for connection to large screens or 



production equipment, the UD-4 rack-mounted decoder can meet 



your needs. UD-4 is a 1U rack-mounted structure that supports 4CH 



SDI or HDMI signal outputs. Its modular design ensures stable and 


reliable operation. 


stitching project

Online TV

Online teaching



 The input supports protocols such as RTMP / HLS / TS over UDP / RTP 


transmission protocols to decoding SDI / HDMI.


/ RTSP / HLS, and is compatible with a variety of front-end encoding 


products, streaming media servers, network cameras, etc.


can output the same content simultaneously.


compatible, and the output end resolution is adjustable.


Sound can be output with HDMI / SDI, or independently from 3.5mm 



audio port.




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